Lasse Korsgaard




Annex Brewery

Annex Brewery is a new brewery made by Prehype & Carlsberg. Annex Brewery (now Crafted By) lets you make your very own beer by selecting a range of flavour-parameters on

Along with your own beer you need your own unique label. For Annex Brewery, and in collaboration with Poulsen Projects we built a design generator to generate the beer labels.

We created a system where each parameter you set is generating a “wave” in the design. Both its color and curves are determined by the value of the slider.

Made at Støj.

Our prototype tool for testing various colors, animations and blurriness.

There are 122 different color combinations for the labels. To make the labels even more personalised and unique, the name entered is actually determining the way the waves are formed. This means that until two persons with the exact same name creates the exact same beers, no labels will be the same.

We used P5.js for prototyping the curve-generation and Node.js along with canvas to generate the preview label as well as the high resolution print-ready label.