Annex Brewery

Annex Brewery was a new type of brewery made by Prehype & Carlsberg. Annex Brewery let you make your very own beer by selecting a range of flavour-parameters on the website.

Along with your own beer you need your own unique label. For Annex Brewery, and in collaboration with Poulsen Projects we built a design generator to generate the beer labels.

We created a system where each parameter you set is generating a “wave” in the design. Both its color and curves are determined by the value of the slider.


We started prototyping using P5.js to create explore the visual outcome. Once we had achieved the look, we migrated the generative design code to a node.js canvas application to be able to create high res printable labels on the fly.


Made together with Andreas while we had our studio Støj.
Made in collaboration with Poulsen Projects and Prehype for Carlsberg.