Collaborative Cooking

The project is based on a digital platform that controls and interacts with a physical cooking machine. This is a way to explore how we will prepare and discuss our food in the future. Does cooking require a physical presence or is it possible to create and explore through digital platforms and experience food beyond the known limitations?

Up to 5 chefs could join an online platform and cook together. They could see a live video feed into the pot as well as a detailed recipe of what had been done up until this point. A version history of sorts. For each action a chef made online it would be added to the recipe: "12:31:17 Lasse added salt". This line would also be print on a physical recipe next to the machine. At the end of a cooking session a very long and complete recipe would then include every single step including when the food were being stirred, heat lowered or raised.


Using Arduino we controlled all the 20+ individual servo motors. The motors controlled everything from the heat source below the pot, stirring to adding all the different spices and ingredients.


In collaboration with PJADAD, chef Carl Berglöf & Christian Isberg.